Ortega was born on March 28, 1936, in Liaoning d’Urbans, León. He has 3 big siblings. Ortega’s childhood was spent in Leon, but when she was 14 years old, her family moved to A Coruna. His father was a railway worker. Here, Ortega began working for a shirtmaker and learned the art of apparel making. He left high school at the age of 14.


Amacio received local women in 1972 to form cooperative societies and established a company called Confectionarian Goa. This company marketed those clothes which were produced by cooperatives. A few years later, in 1975, Ortega opened its first garment retail store with his wife, which was Rosalia. He wanted to name the store Zorba, but the name was already taken. So, he settled for the bus. The store was a success and in the next decade, it opened several stores in Galicia, Spain.


Zara is an integral part of Inditex Group and Ortega Group’s shareholder is 59.29 percent. In addition to the Inditex Group Zara is the owner of many well-known brands. Some of them include Massimo Dumi, Zara Home, Stradyvirius, Bershka, Oyosho and Pull and Beer. Inditex Group has more than 92,000 employees.


With all success, Ortega has not forgotten its roots. He is famous for avoiding interviews and publicity. In fact, by 1999, most media outlets did not publish Ortega’s photo. Although Ortega protects her personal life and rarely gives an interview, but people do not know anything about this Spanish billionaire. They are called workhallics and they have not been discharged for 25 years! The world got Ortega’s first appearance in 2000 when his company decided to be public. However, even then, Ortega had interviewed only three journalists. The mystery surrounding Ortega and its life has always fascinated the press and even books have been published about it.


Ortega wears a blue blazer, gray pants and white shirts to work every day, of which no one is a product. He does not believe in wearing tie. Even with his staff, he also eats his food at the company’s cafeteria at work. He is also a man of habit, because it is said that he goes to the same coffee shop every single day.
When he is not working and taking Zara to success, Ortega likes horseback riding. Finister has its own horse-riding center, which is located in Galicia, Spain. He is also the proud owner of Spain’s tallest skyscraper. The cost of Torre Picasso in Madrid is Ortega $ 536 million. Ortega also has its own private jet, which is designed by Bombardier. It has been estimated that the cost of the plan is $ 45 million. The story of the rise in Ortega’s fate is actually inspirational for entrepreneurs. Amancio Ortega has seen hard work and a little business skill is a definite shot of success.


Ortega has married twice in his life. For the first time with Rosalia Mera, who co-founded with Zara, and then married Flora Perez Marcote in 2001. They have three balds, Sandra Ortega mine, Marcos Ortega Mira and Marta Ortega Perez. He protects his personal life fiercely and ensures that it is kept like this.


He is Spain’s richest man. For a few weeks in 2015, he was the world’s richest man, who had crossed Bll Gates.


He is the largest shareholder of the Inditex Group and after retiring from his position as the Chairman of the Company, Pablo Isla took his position as CEO and President. He is still a board member of the Inditex group.

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