Warren Buffett was interested in business, investment and share market since childhood. He loved business from the beginning and for them economics learning and business studies were great fun for them. Currently he is one of the world’s famous and richest people. Warren Buffett is not only a businessman and investor, he is also a great motivator and philanthropist.

His work is very great and has become an inspiration for millions of people. Most of his money goes into philanthropy. This man is also called a magician of the stock market and “Omaha’s magician”. With his hard work and dedication towards a dream, he showed anything possible with passion.


In his early life, Warren Buffett received his basic education from Rose Hill Elementary School and then from there, he went to Omaha’s Alice Deal Jr. High School where he completed his high school. And later in studies, he did postgraduate science in economics. The best thing since the beginning of Warren Buffett was that his learning about stock marketing and trading helped him save money. His childhood was also as difficult as many other famous people. He used to go from house to house selling chewing gum and cold drinks, from selling newspapers and working in grocery stores. Being in childhood and doing such things has given them a lot about life. His childhood was not what you see him today.


His success began when he and his friend invested $ 25 on pinball machines and installed that machine on a barbershop. Slowly this scheme of pinball machine did a great job and later they installed more machines in other barbers shops. His savings started in the beginning and at the age of 20, he saved about 9,000 dollars through his investment on the first stock.

After saving this money, Warren Buffet went to Graham, worked for him without any salary. The job he asked for was not given to him and from there he left Omaha and married a woman Susan in 1952. And after his marriage, he bought a house together at approximately $ 31,500, where he is currently living. After that, they bought a gas station soon but it was not good for them and they lost in it. After several business partnerships and with the skill of making money, he became a millionaire and merged all his partnership with one company and named that company Berkshire Hathaway.

In 1999, he earned and was awarded the title of the top money manager of the twentieth century and in 2008, he became the world’s richest person and donated most of his wealth. He is still one of the world’s richest people and is one of the biggest business tycoons.

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